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Tips and tricks of using only htaccess file to dramatically increase website performance
In : Tutorial Comments : 0 Author : wdhadmin Date : 12 Apr 2016

Do you know you’ll be able to dramatically increase website performance using only .htaccess? Automated compression of assets, ETags and Expires Headers are frequently overlooked items that may greatly improve your web site’s performance. This article will try to explain in non-geek speak what they’re, what they do and the way to make use of them on your own websites.

How is it accomplished? This is where the rest of this article will get a bit complicated. You have to learn ALL of the comments and make decisions for your specific needs.
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In : Tutorial Comments : 0 Author : wdhadmin Date : 25 Mar 2016

In this tutorial, we will help you with the most crucial factor when working with MailChimp newsletter: ensuring its delivery. If your newsletter isn’t being delivered, then no marketing tactics will matter.

Ensuring delivery means that you’ve got to prove your indentity and where your email address is concerned; because spammers and spoofers like to use other people’s email addresses for their evil plans. To stay away from this, you’ll need to use MailChimp’s authentication methods, which is like a license plate for your email. It supplies a trackable identifier that shows your subscribers that you’re legit.
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